Taiwanese Beef Shank Noodle Soup (台式牛肉麵)

In Sydney it's pretty hard to find a proper store that makes decent Taiwanese flavour. I honestly don't know the secret to an authentic Taiwanese Beef Soup stock for this famous dish, so I am kind of combining the skills that I learned at work (I was working in a Taiwanese kitchen back then) and some... Continue Reading →


Easy Version Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle (Pho) with Premade Stock

I do like to have the Vietnamese beef noodles soup (Pho) sometimes. However my theory is.. if I am going to have the proper ones I will go to a Vietnamese restaurant and pay for a proper one. Just to satisfy the crave? I will just make an easy one at home and that's good... Continue Reading →

Stir-fry Pork and Noodles

I myself are not really into stir-fry noodles but this recipe is one of my favourite. I always use pork loin to go with this because of the chewiness and tenderness of the bite. I like this the best with thick noodles, either Udon, thick White Ramen or Hokkien egg noodles. Mushroom or vegetables can... Continue Reading →

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