Japanese Beef Curry Omu-Rice

Serve 4-5 INGREDIENTS: 1 kg Beef Brisket - diced - marinated (as seen below) Ingredients A: 1 pack Japanese Curry Blocks 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp Butter 1 L Beef stock or water 1 large Onion - diced 1 large Carrot - diced 2-3 Potatoes - diced 3 Eggs for... Continue Reading →


Satay Skewer with Flavoured Rice

Tony gave me another task - he wants satay skewers with rice but he can't find any nice ones out there. Most of those satay skewers we had in restaurant are either too sweet or too dry. I searched for numerous of recipes online, combined to my own recipes and developed my own new one... Continue Reading →

Borshct (Soup) 羅宋湯

When we have lots of vegetables in the fridge, especially when there's some leftover celeries, and its a cold winter, that's when I want to have some hot soup with garlic bread! Trust me everyone's gonna love it. The best reason is that because it's full of healthy vegetables and you feel healthy when you... Continue Reading →

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